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Franchise Information

The restaurant franchise information below provides a closer look at the business opportunity Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery provides. Our dedication to family dining is just part of our recipe for success. You can request additional info at any time.

Perkins offers a tremendous variety of quality food items that are loved by just about everyone, young and old! By offering a varied and flexible menu throughout the day, and always focusing on providing our guests with a comfortable, welcoming experience, Perkins restaurant franchise owners are able to enjoy many benefits:

    • Multiple revenue streams across multiple dayparts. We cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and our in-house bake-shoppe represents yet another revenue source. Our menu selection is always backed by extensive research and development to continually improve offerings and stimulate sales.
    • Guests from all age groups. Whether we’re catering to our most loyal guests or presenting current options for our newer customer base, Perkins appeals to just about everyone, meaning you attract guests from a wide base of potential patrons in your community.
    • A focus on building for the future. The Perkins system provides plenty of flexibility for short and long-term changes. From converting existing structures, designing prototypes that allow for expansion, to configuring large and flexible kitchens to capable of accommodating new technologies and food preparation techniques, Perkins has proven it can adapt well to market trends.
    • Many available territories. We have a presence across North America, but there are still numerous highly desirable locations ripe for Perkins restaurants. From the Northeast, to the Deep South, and Westward from there, we are seeking experienced professionals who recognize a great franchise opportunity when they see one, who can dedicate themselves to consistency, quality, and growth. Learn more about Development Opportunities and Locations.
    • At Perkins, we’ve devoted considerable resources to developing a menu that caters to all tastes and dayparts. From premium omelettes and benedicts to melt sandwiches and mouth watering desserts, our signature items continue to draw raves – and guests. To keep those guests coming back, we’re continually adding new flavors and featured items, rigorously proven through qualitative studies, test marketing, tracking studies, and other ongoing research and development efforts.


Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. More than just family dining.

An integral component of our family restaurant concept – and a competitive point of difference – is the Perkins in-house bakery where freshness and quality abound, delectable aromas fill the air and mouth watering displays make impulse purchases hard to resist. Perkins bakery offers a broad selection, ranging from Mammoth Muffins® and rich cinnamon rolls to luscious cream pies, flaky fruit pies, cookies, brownies and more, all of which represent a significant opportunity for take-home bakery sales. Other restaurant concepts simply do not offer this incentive for guests to make an additional purchase when they walk into or out the door! We focus on our guests at all times.

Join the Perkins family!

Perkins is seeking experienced restaurant operators to help us achieve our expansion goals in key markets across North America. In exchange for your commitment to the Perkins brand, we provide some of the industry’s best franchise support services in numerous areas including training, technology, site selection, design and construction, purchasing, marketing, operations and quality assurance, and research and development.