Perkins - Franchise

Top-notch Restaurant Franchise Support

What makes Perkins® a top restaurant franchise program is the support we provide to help run your restaurant business: from restaurant design and build-out of your location, to your grand opening and daily operations, the Perkins franchise support team is there for you every step of the way. Perkins’ corporate-based and on-site operations and franchise management training is best in class, and specifically designed to meet the needs of experienced multi-unit franchisees and their operations teams. Whether we are assisting with locating suitable real estate, or with kitchen procedures, purchasing, marketing, and more, we leverage all of the resources, systems, and services Perkins has perfected through the years. Best of all, this expertise is delivered one-on-one, through your own personal franchise consultant. Extremely well-versed in the restaurant business and Perkins Restaurants in particular, your franchise consultant acts as your liaison, bringing together the resources you need before, during, and after the restaurant opening. Whether it’s ordering fixtures, handling a particular operational challenge, or planning for expansion, your franchise consultant is there to help. Simply put, they’re committed to you and your growth opportunities over the long term.

Here is just some of the unparalleled support we provide to our family of restaurant franchises, from the corporate-based opening team to dedicated franchise consultants:

  • Access to our exclusive recipes.
  • Use of our recognized brand name.
  • Guidance on site selection and restaurant design.
  • Comprehensive headquarters-based and on-site training.
  • On-site visits and remote support from dedicated local Perkins representatives and corporate staff.
  • A focus on cost control and quality through established, approved supply sources.
  • A complete confidential procedures manual.
  • Exclusive business operating software systems.
  • Help with purchasing equipment and inventory from approved suppliers.
  • Marketing assistance, including professionally designed promotional materials.