Perkins - Franchise


A recipe for success!
After more than 50 years of continuous operation, Perkins® has developed a strong customer base, and the system and support services a franchisee needs to help maximize your earning potential. Of course, running a Perkins restaurant franchise will require substantial time, energy, and financial resources on your part, as well.

“The Perkins brand has so much history and keeps drawing in guests year after year. I am proud to be part of a reputable institution in the restaurant industry, and to offer a popular destination to families in my community.”
Bob Thompson,
Franchise Owner in Harrisburg, PA

“The support I have received has been exceptional. From menu development to inventory and purchasing, to ongoing communications with the home office, I never feel like I’m on my own. The teamwork displayed by the Perkins staff during my construction period, pre-opening training period, and postopening has been remarkable. Learning the Perkins systems and being a Perkins franchisee has made me a better businessman.”
Terry Meron,
Franchise Owner in Plattsburg, NY

“Being part of the Perkins system has been a great experience. I opened my first Perkins in Butte, MT in December of 1992 and today I have five Perkins Restaurants throughout Western Montana. I am confident in the Perkins brand and the support they provide as I continue to look at additional development in my geographical area. From their Franchise Development group to their field Franchise Operations team, their support has been with me every step along the way.”
Ray Ueland,
Franchise Owner in Butte, MT