Perkins - Franchise

Why Perkins® Restaurants (a top restaurant franchise)

When buying a family restaurant franchise, there are many reasons to consider Perkins Restaurant. Dedication to family dining is just one of many reasons for our business’s success. And now, more than ever, restaurant customers are looking for value without sacrificing selection and taste. Here are some of the reasons Perkins is one of today’s top restaurant franchises:\r\n

A Restaurant Franchise Opportunity Backed by Experience!

  • A trusted name in the restaurant industry.
  • A professional, dedicated support team with experience that has come from successfully supporting hundreds of franchised and company-owned locations in regions across the country.
  • A comfortable, family-oriented restaurant concept with broad appeal.

Perkins restaurant franchise owners are able to enjoy a wealth of benefits

  • Numerous desirable territories available for growth.
  • No “hidden” fees or costs in the franchise agreement.
  • Prototype designs that are designed for efficiency and expansion.
  • Multiple revenue streams across multiple dayparts (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • In-house bakery.
  • Menu items that appeal to guests of all ages.
  • Ongoing research and development of new flavors and featured items.