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While there’s no question Perkins is a dinner franchise, we are also quite famous for our breakfast menu. Customers can order anything off our menu at any time of day, which means breakfast for dinner is always a popular choice. It just so happens that this is welcoming news for our franchisees, as our breakfast items carry high-profit margins! This flexibility is just one of the many reasons Perkins diners keep coming back for more. Here, learn more about the reasons why they love to eat at Perkins and how that makes us a great choice among restaurant franchise opportunities.


July 28, 2022



#1. Something for Everyone
Because customers can order from our full menu at any time, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. It makes our dinner franchise a favorite among families with picky eaters. Of course, we’re also famous for our customer service, and guests are free to customize their meal to their liking. We specialize in home-style favorites like skillet meals, steak, burgers, and of course, pancakes.
This flexibility and friendly service makes Perkins a regular stop for many of our customers.
#2. A Dinner Franchise with a Bakery
Perkins is more than a restaurant franchise; we also have our own in-house bakeries! Customers can stop by to pick up fresh-baked pies, cookies, pastries – whatever the sweet tooth craves. It makes Perkins restaurants a regular stop on many weekly shopping trips and helps our franchisees to leverage a unique revenue stream.
#3. A Beloved Tradition
Perkins restaurants are a part of many community traditions. Our restaurants are built with plenty of dining space because they draw quite a crowd – especially on Sundays! Many families and church groups love to go to Perkins for brunch after a service, and we’re happy to accommodate them all. A few of the traditions that often bring customers to Perkins restaurants include:
After-church brunches
Family nights out
Work events
Coffee and dessert with friends
When you contact us, ask us about the many Perkins customers who eat at Perkins multiple times per week! For these guests, eating at Perkins isn’t just for special occasions, it’s like coming home. This loyal customer base is one of the reasons we stand out from other restaurant franchise opportunities.
#4. Specials That Delight
The core Perkins menu is quite popular on its own, but we’re always rolling out new specials to keep customers interested in trying new things. Our team regularly introduces limited-time specials based on ongoing research into food trends and consumer tastes. It is agreeable news for our franchisees – they’re able to reap the benefits of that research without needing to conduct it on their own!
These are just a few of the reasons that customers have loved our dinner franchise for generations. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we work hard to keep Perkins ahead of the competition.

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