Things Change. Traditions Last.

A history sweeter than pie.

Founded in 1958 as a single pancake house in Ohio, Perkins has transformed into the nation's leading family restaurant. And when we say that, we aren’t joking. With nearly 300 company-owned and franchised locations in 32 states and two Canadian provinces, we’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come.
Through the years, Perkins has remained true to its mission of providing guests with friendly service and classic comfort dishes at a great price. Sure, Perkins started with dozens of pancake and waffle options, but soon enough we grew to offer American staples like breakfast all day, hearty steak plates, juicy burgers, and a wide selection of handcrafted handhelds, soups, and salads. The most iconic piece of Perkins Bakery is, you guessed it, our pie.
Our in-store bakery offers a wide selection of fruit pies, cream pies, dreamy pies, along with scrumptious cookies, and our signature Mammoth Muffins®. Our goal has always been to leave guests feeling satisfied, which means we’re always updating our menu with fresh, flavorful, and innovative items that take their place right next to our classic, beloved menu items. Some of our most iconic dishes have been on the menu for more than 30 years. Pretty sweet, huh?
At Perkins, we take great pride in our service, experience, and feeding folks what they like. It’s the cornerstone of our company, and the thing that keeps us going after all these years.

Perkins Through The Years

From humble pancake beginnings to steaks and more today.


Our doors open for the first time in Cincinnati, Ohio as a pancake house and we become famous for offering two dozen kinds of pancakes and waffles-from coconut to strawberry to classic buttermilk and everything in between.


We change our name to Perkins Cake & Steak and introduce new lunch and dinner plates. Soon after, we change our name one last time to Perkins Bakery & Restaurant.


Perkins in-store bakery is born. People keep coming back for pies, pies, and more pies. Now located in over 29 states, we continue to spread kindess and homestyle cooking across the country.


Oh Canada! We officially make it international with the first Perkins opening opening in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.


Perkins hits a milestone. We celebrate 60 years of serving up homestyle, comfort classics to folks with an appetite.